Best Candle Magic Course Online in India


Candle magic is a course for people who have felt drawn to candle magic. It discusses how to utilise candles for magic, create a relationship with magic through the candle, and cast spells for love, protection, healing, prosperity, and well-being in all aspects of your life.

Is this Course for you?

  • Do you notice that you feel different and attracted anytime you see candles?
  • Do you notice that candles attract powerful visualization and manifestation?
  • Do you find that lighting a candle helps you achieve your goals and attract positive energy?
  • Do you find that lighting a candle makes you feel nice, calmer, and peaceful?

Course Content

  • Introduction to Candle Magic.
  • Significance of Candle Colours and its Power.
  • Types of Candles.
  • Curating Candles: Cleansing, Charging and Preparing.
  • Setting Intentions & Mastering Spell work.
  • Spells for Love and Relationships
  • Spells for Healing.
  • Spells for Protection.
  • Spells for Abundance and Fast Money.
  • Spells for increasing Psychic Powers and Enlightenment.
  • Casting the Spell.
  • Introduction to Herbs.
  • Introduction to Oils.
  • Specific Days for the Spell.
  • Candles, Lunar Cycles and Solar Times.
  • Stones.

Flair for candles.

Course Takeaways
  • Curate candles as per your desire and wish.
  • Practical Demonstration of Spellcasting.
  • Increase the success rate of your spell.
  • Protect your aura.
  • Manifest Fast Money and Abundance.
  • Attract Love and Soulmate.
  • Bonus Powerful Meditation with Bay Leaf- Highlight of the Course.

6-8 Hrs


Weekdays & Weekends both (1 day course)

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