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Sunitaa Tank

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from American Hypnosis Institute, Master Tarot Card Reader & Angelic Healer

Sunitaa Tank is a name to reckon in the field of Tarot. She uses her divination and Tarot cards to answer and guide people to walk on a true path of wellness, comfort and success. People have experienced surprising revelations from her readings and have made decisions which have changed their lives for good.

She not only reads the cards but takes the seeker on the path of healing and spirituality for a long term satisfaction and contentment in life. Her aura is positive and predictions are accurate which has made her a famous name in the occultist circle. So, if you are seeker, an answer awaits you here.....

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Success Stories

Personal and professional, I always connect with your readings. Your reading brings clarity, joy, advice, expertise, and much-needed insight to the table. Thank you so much for always providing such lovely, useful, and positive readings. May the universe continue to communicate with us via you. You have been a tremendous source of light, direction, blessings, and good fortune for me on my journey.

Francisco Chambel, Portugal

Where do I begin? Since our initial meeting and healing, Sunita Ma'am has remained my Angel, and I still refer to her as such. She has guided me ever since anytime something has gone wrong or isn't operating properly. She has not only helped me find my way, but she has also counselled me on a variety of personal issues in addition to reading. Her advice, readings, and guidance are all quite useful and beneficial. Not only do I trust her, but my entire family does as well, making Sunita Ma'am a family member in her own right. There are many arcs in my life's circle, and she is one of them.

Dr Pragati Sahai, India

In my life, I've met many healers, astrologers, tarot card readers, and psychics, but none of them compares to Sunita. That's because she's not only a tarot card reader or a healer; she's also a life coach, which she's been for me since the beginning. I've enjoyed hearing the various pieces of advice, comments, and recommendations. She is a certified coach with experience working with children, teenagers, parents, and corporations. She also has a lot of HR experience. She uses all her experience and education to provide a holistic approach and guidance to everybody who comes in for a consultation, which is quite helpful, and she also comes up with a plethora of beneficial suggestions and practical tips that you can use in your day-to-day life to improve the quality of your life. Whenever and whatever she has told me so far in terms of predictions it has always come true. I've seen so many positive changes in my life after meeting her. She is truly amazing.

Arti Ganesh, Singapore

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