Self Talk or Self Coaching- Connects YOU with your True self.

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Life has so much to teach. But there is a point in life wherein you don’t want to be taught, you don’t want to learn a new lesson, you don’t want an advice. On the contrary you prefer someone to listen to your thought, your feelings, your emotions and experience without any prejudices or judgment. We often fail to identify ‘that someone’ in our life. There is so much within us to share. Sharing at one point of time becomes the remedy for many of us. Remedy for feeling happy and joyful. So the question comes, who is that True Companion? With whom we can share all this. While we look around to share what we feel or are going through, we look within our family, then our close friends, then our extended friends, then may be in all our social circles. We are lucky, when we are able to identify someone or many such companions with whom we can share. What if we are not able to identify anyone?

In such situations, we often tend to ignore our inner voice, the ‘voice within’. The moment we recognize that, we explore the world of ‘Self talk’ or ‘Self Coaching’. We tend to connect with our subconscious mind during self talk and in the process we deep dive within our true self which was beneath multiple artificial layers. Have a thought over it!

Self Coaching……a concept to be explored in my upcoming blog.
Happy Exploring!
Dr Sunita Tank
Delhi Tarot

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