Negative people, negative circumstances and negative notions. These are possibly the most frequent things happening to us in our daily routine. But have we ever thought why we notice all this negativity more often than positives in our lives?

The way we think, the way we believe, behave and take action becomes our karma. Our thought process plays a major role which ultimately leads to our actions and deeds. This cycle of thought and then performing our tasks is the ultimate root cause of whatever karma has in store for us.

It is vital to be a master of your own thoughts and knowing how will they be contributing to our karmic cycle. This thought process and the vibrations after those thoughts are the self-created energies from the body and mind is called “AURA”.

Even if we don’t think negative or hold any bad karma but we do agree to other’s thought of being negative, this also affects our Aura and ultimately our energies are also affected.

A transformation from negative to positive in a single attempt is very difficult and is also extremely challenging for any individual who is going through a low phase in life. But a change from negative to being NEUTRAL can always be much faster than being positive directly.

The positivity in our thoughts and nature leads to a positive aura and energies around us. Better the energies, stronger will be our aura.
One can always practice various ways, techniques and remedies of purifying the thought process, leading to a positive mind frame and making an aura stronger.

THINGS DO HAPPEN THE WAY WE WANT AND DESIRE them to be, it is only possible WHEN OUR AURA IS STRONG ENOUGH TO MAKE things happen in our way. A regular SELF CLEANSING OF AURA is vital to acquire, as this state of mind make things happen for our self-betterment.

Every individual is capable of purifying his or her aura provided a proper path has been shown to them and is being followed rigorously.

Coming up next “Remedies for Self Aura Cleansing” Till then Happy and Peaceful Living!

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