Advanced Course in Chakra Healing


Chakra healing is a method where chakras are unblocked and restored to the harmonious functioning of a person. The main objective of this practice is to restore balance between body, spirit and health. It supports an overall flow of balanced energy. Chakra healing is able to determine the blockage points and resolve them, so that there can be smoothness.

Is this course for you?

This course is specially designed for people who are looking for better living and cleansing their body from any negative energies and fears related to money matters, career, sexual life, any type of addictions and love life.

Course content

  • Detailed introduction to all major body chakras
  • Functions of all chakras
  • Meditation to Clear and Maintain Chakras
  • Visualizations and some additional methods to clean chakras
  • Angel therapy to clear charkas
  • Aura Scanning

Take Away:

  • To hold a greater degree of control and balance over your life
  • You learn to heal blockages, if any on your chakras.
  • You may tune your mind and body for a successful personal and professional life.

Duration: 5 Hrs
Time: One Day Only

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