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Self Talk or Self Coaching- Connects YOU with your True self.

                                                              Life has so much to teach. But there is a point in life wherein you don’t want to be taught, you don’t want to ... Read more
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Does negativity control us?

Negative people, negative circumstances and negative notions. These are possibly the most frequent things happening to us in our daily routine. But have we ever thought why we notice all this negativity more often than positives in our lives? The way we think, the way we believe, behave and take action becomes our karma. Our ... Read more
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Do you want to be HAPPY: Here is the remedy!

While we all are jiggling within our daily routine, in the hustle to build a promising career and lives, we usually forget that time is flying away and the yearly resolutions are just getting lingered on. With an aim to achieve happiness we work hard every moment to attain something which makes us happy, they ... Read more
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