Angels & Crystals


Angels have special magical powers. Once used with due professional guidance and affirmations, it bring love, protection, abundance, prosperity, growth and over all healing energies in all aspects of our life. One can order the following with us after consultation.

  • Relationship Angels
  • Money Angels
  • Protection Angels
  • Love Angels
  • Health Angels
  • Prosperity Angels
  • Angels for Children
  • Angel for Divine Guidance
  • Chakra Balancing Angels


Crystal Bands and Bracelets

Bands and Bracelets are easy to use and easy to handle. Especially made up of precious stones and crystals, these unique accessories have special healing powers to protect you from negativity, anxiety, stress, mood swings, depression, and money blockages and finally enhance your own energies and balance in all aspects of your life. Due consultation is recommended before placing the order for these magical products.

  • Spiritual Growth Band
  • Emotional Balance Band
  • Wealth and Abundance Band
  • Protection from Black Magic Band
  • Effective Communication Band
  • Confidence Building Band
  • Chakra Balance Band
  • Moonstone Band
  • Fertility Band
  • Concentration Bracelet especially for Children
  • Good Luck Bracelet


Precious Crystals and Gemstones.

Crystals and gemstones play an important and prominent role in Crystal Therapy. Enriched with powerful energies, Crystals synchronize with our body chakras and aura to bring magical difference in our life and are used as healing aids. It gives tremendous boost to our spiritual development, enhances mediation, stability, peace, joy, happiness, memory, relationships and has natural therapy properties. One must use it after due recommendations.

  • Clear Quartz Crystal
  • Rose Quartz Crystal
  • Natural Citrine Crystal
  • Amethyst Crystal
  • Tiger Eye Crystal
  • Emerald Crystal
  • Lapis Lazuli Crystal
  • Black Onyx stone
  • Moonstone
  • Red Jasper Stone

Please Call for further details and understanding

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