Dr Sunita Tank

Are you searching for a place where you can find solutions to your life problems? Do you feel stuck in a professional situation? Are you feeling that negative energies are blocking the flow of elixir of life? Do you want to find holistic and sustainable solutions for your personal and professional growth and prosperity?

You are at the right place. Dr Sunita Tank is a psychic medium blessed by almighty to help people around her. She is an expert who can answer your questions holistically and put you on the right path. She is passionate in resolving physical, financial and emotional issues which block people’s growth.

A master tarot card reader, healer, wellness coach, she encompasses the true qualities of a mentor, you have been searching all along.  She started her tarot and healing journey to help people 15 years ago and has transformed many lives since then. She uses her psychic abilities and healing blessings to guide you across business growth and expansion, career enhancement, relationship issues, professional problems, health concerns, depression, anxiety and fear in any area of life.

A prodigy who uses her talent to not only read cards for you but to guide and coach you. A natural psychic and a ICF certified coach who handholds you towards the road of contentment and harmony and helps you in taking the right decisions for life. Dr Sunita offers a multitude of services like tarot card reading, angel card reading, overall healing, chakra balancing and angel therapy which are customized according to the needs of the client. At any point of time, Comfort and balance of the client are at the heart of her services. Every reading is given personal attention and focus by her in order to serve with best of support by her.

Her programs have been aired on national channels like MH1 Shraddha and FM Radio Channel wherein she demystified the concept of tarot and tarot reading for one and all.

Dr Sunita uniqueness lays in her combination of the power of her intuition with her professional expertise to provide solutions.  She professes to continually walk on this spiritual journey. A learner at heart, she believes in sharing her skills with others in society. An expert tarot card master, she has trained many students in tarot reading, chakra healing and angel therapy who are further carrying the mission of practising greater well for the society in different parts of the world. Having thousands of successful reading to her credit, she believes in 100 percent client retention by being their spiritual counselor, mentor and a life coach.


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