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tarot card reading

Tarot cards are a mystical deck of cards whose origin and use have seen a variety of explanations. The most potent explanation is that it provides guidance to anyone who seeks response to unanswered questions and unknown situations. Tarot reading sessions provide a seeker with requisite answers related to career, relationship, health or any other professional or personal issue. However, a tarot reading session needs a powerful psychic reader who can implement the power of intuition and can connect with the cards, to bring awareness and find true answers to the questions of the seeker. In the right hands, Tarot cards can answer the most complex questions and further show the path of healing which brings peace and happiness to the mind of the seeker. Tarot derives meaning from the complexity of life and brings deeper insights which help the seeker to look for simple solutions and remedies which manifest overall growth and prosperity for an individual.

Dr Sunita Tank is a name to reckon in the field of Tarot. She uses her divination and Tarot cards to answer and guide people to walk on a true path of wellness, comfort and success. People have experienced surprising revelations from her readings and have made decisions which have changed their lives for good. She not only reads the cards but takes the seeker on the path of healing and spirituality for a long term satisfaction and contentment in life. Her aura is positive and predictions are accurate which has made her a famous name in the occultist circle. So, if you are seeker, an answer awaits you here………..

"Delhi Tarot" was initiated in the year 2007 with a firm belief that Tarot and all other metaphysical sciences, when used with clear intent and guided by natural intuition - can help make life more meaningful, peaceful and joyful. This is because it has the ability to get an intuitive solution to every problem in life.

Akashic records

Akashic record is a powerful resource to deepen spiritual connection with divine guidance and empower a human being spiritually, emotionally for personal growth and development and to become one with God. It offers complete sense and truth on a soul’s journey of all life time. With the help of Akashic Records one can seek answers and direction for unknown situations and circumstances of any life time, can clear any sought of prolonged confusion, can heal known and unknown pain of any sought, release old teachings, dissolve karmic agreements, improve inter-personal relationships; assist in discovering soul’s true life purpose, clear any sought of fear, phobias and blockages that keep a person away from living life to its fullest potential. The Akashic Reading is being offered in very specific cases, where there is a strong need to resolve something unknown and to unleash and explore the power of true self.


angelic healing

Life is full of ups and downs and changing situations every moment. But no situation is big or small, good or bad when Angels are with you. Every individual has spiritual angels, guardian angels; archangels by his side. Angels are best gift of God to humans. Whether you want to have a blissful relationship, rocking career and business, prosperity or abundance, angels are everywhere to support you for your happiness, peace and joy. Because angels believe YOU DESERVE IT ALL!  And Angelic Healing is meant to give you all what you deserve!

Angelic Healing and Angel Therapy is a source of all solutions, directions, prayers where in the seeker situation is completing healed for his betterment, growth and success. The healing power of the angels exceeds any form of Man Made therapy.  Angelic healing offer a great deal of practical wisdom, which a seeker can immediately put into practice. One gets divine messages too during the process for complete guidance.  The healing is primarily done to heal relationships, careers and health.


Numerology is the Key to your inner self. It gives tremendous results when mixed with tarot reading. It is a practical method of understanding a situation, hidden opportunities and challenges in one’s life. It offers miraculous insights into those happenings that will come to you during the years ahead. It helps in predicting major incidents and events that a person will experience during the course of his or her life. It gives guidance in career, romance and prosperity and provides meaningful advice for all types of situations. Various numerical combinations offer a great deal of self awareness on hidden patterns and empower you to make sustainable and attainable life changes for betterment.  While we think and talk about Numbers!!!!

Angel Numbers also plays an important role. Many times Angels offer divine guidance in the form of numbers. We see various repetition of certain number sequences, number boards as angel signs and signals to us. Numbers do have vibrational meanings and once utilized thoughtfully, can do wonders in one’s life. Numerological solutions are simple, easy to follow, practical to implement in life to fulfill life desires and goals.







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